Alpha Course

An opportunity to explore the meaning of life. The Alpha Course in Camberwell.
Alpha is the most successful evening course ever, examining the meaning of life and the Christian message. Alpha began in central London some years ago and has expanded across London, across the country and to 150 countries around the world. You may have seen it documented on ITV, introduced by Sir David Frost.Alpha looks at subjects such as Who is Jesus?, Why read the bible?, How can I pray?, Does God heal people today?, What about suffering and evil?(See list on right column) This is done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We meet over a meal, there is a talk on the subject for the evening, and then we break into discussion groups. In these groups, over coffee, we can get to know each other and you are welcome to bring any question you like.If you are interested in attending an Alpha course, please contact the office and we will connect you will the earliest course available.
Transcripts or notes of talks can be found at most of the links belowThe course is often held at the HOUSE cafe gallery or in local homes.