Discipling in Communities

For ‘cell’ read ‘communities

London is a ‘city of the Nations’ – touch this city and you touch the world. The Well aims to do just that. We want London to become a ‘city for the Nations’

The ‘new wine’ of Gods Kingdom – justice, peace & joy in the Holy Spirit – is what brings order to the disorder of the city. We aim to ‘Be’ disciples of Jesus who ‘Make’ disciples of Jesus. This is Gods way.

Jesus talked about new wine needing a new wineskin. This is the wineskin that God has given us for discipleship; Local Congregations, with smaller groups learning together in homes or at work all over the city…

The Well works closely together with other churches in the borough. For example Southwark For Jesus has over 80 churches that are actively involved in joint prayer initiatives and ‘Kingdom projects’. Each of the boroughs are increasingly working ‘Together for London’

The grassroots of effective discipleship are the communities, with peer mentoring and the community leaders discipling people in their groups.

Through our communities we aim to equip and mobilise everyone into a lifestyle of ‘Being And Making Disciples’. In this way new communities emerge building relationships in any context.

When Jesus spoke of his disciples being ‘fishers of men’ (a metaphor for evangelism and discipleship), he had never seen a lone angler in his life. The model he saw was small teams of two, three or more. As people mobilise, they help one another in this process, so that people help other people to ‘fish’. In this way relational ‘nets’ are formed – genuine communities of faith where people are beginning to look like, serve like, and love like Jesus.

As new small groups emerge with a handful of people, the process of discipleship is begun all over again, and new group leaders emerge. They in turn are connected in ‘nets’ to support more fishing…

As we seek to ‘Make Disciples’ it is clear our society is structured into several major areas of spiritual influence. (see slide) These can be good or bad, be a blessing or a curse, largely depending on how open those areas have been to Gods word and His Spirit, and how active believers have been in these areas.

Well Focus Groups are engaged in the issues affecting our witness in these areas. These groups are led by established believers who hold an interest, or who are developing ministry in these areas. People can choose to attend whatever group they would like to – or several!

The Camberwell Leaders aim to disciple leaders who will in turn make disciples.