Serving at The Well.

Spokes are the name for our ministry teams. They work with the Hub Team and missional communities to deliver our vision of biulding communities, equipping people and transforming culture.

‘A spoke is one of some number of rods radiating from the center of a wheel – the hub where the axle connects – connecting the hub with the round traction surface’.  (wikipedia)

Spokes are teams of people like you; willing to serve in some capacity. Each spoke has a clear brief:

Gathered:  Planning the creative expressions of our gathered life and celebrations. This team needs a mix of creative arts, communications and event management skills to create excellent occassions.

Worship: Deepening and developing worship in our gathered and community contexts. Poet? musician? singer? artist? actor? dancer? media technician? Use your skills to enrich worship.

Youth: Equipping young people as disciples of Jesus. Be part of a team investing in our amazing young people. Connect with regional youth work and annual events such as Soul Survivor.

Prayer: Growing a culture of prayer and the prophetic. Through rhythms of prayer, creative use of the Prayer Room, Prayer PUSH & TOWERS, ‘Encounter’ prayer appointments, and more..

Children & Families: Growing healthy and vibrant youngsters at the heart of families and communities. It takes a village to raise a child, and a team of heroes to make it all wonderful.

Teaching: Making scripture accessible and central in the life of each believer. Equipping people with how to learn from and handle scripture well. Be it short devotionals, Discovery bible studies’, Alphas, or larger platform messaging

Interns & Volunteers: Supporting and overseeing Well Interns as they engage in missional discipleship. Thinking of doing a year out? Able to accommodate or mentor an Intern? Join the Interns /Volunteers team

Training: Developing missional teams and leaders through ongoing challenge and support. The training team deliver our Learning Community and occassional other training initiatives or conferences.

Communications: Developing the tools to share our message and mission. Wanted: web managers, designers, editors, bloggers film makers, photographers. social media gurus, writers. All needed in abundance!

Cross Cultural: Connecting our overseas workers and developing awareness of the global challenge. Through prayer, short term trips and training, keeping our mission global.

Operations: Staff and senior volunteers team managing operations. All of our spoke team leaders plug into this team at some level. This is where we ‘report out’ each week what is happening and delegate day to day planning.

Pastoral: Overseeing pastoral care through our communities, plus signposting resources. Most pastoral care is done through our communities with backup from staff and pastoral volunteers.

Hospitality: Resourcing and growing a culture of hospitality in our communities and gatherings. Help us provide a warm welcome and strengthen our culture of hospitality across the network.

Buildings: Maintaining, developing and upgrading the property resources of The Wells Trust to fully serve the vision. Painters, decorators, fund- raisers, designers, builders, architects and visionaries

Dispersed: Mentoring, support and encouragement for missional community leadership teams. Huddles & onsite mentoring as people lead out in their networks & neighbourhoods

Is God prompting you to serve at The Well? Let us know your interests or skills by completing one of our spoke leaflets at Wells Way. Or contact us via the office.