Communities vision

‘Our five-year vision is to see thousands of people, experience the unconditional love and transforming power of Jesus through a city-wide network of missional communities.

Based in the many neighbourhoods, networks and spheres of the city (with some perhaps reaching beyond), these extended families of believers will grow in faith together as they outwork their shared commitment to love and serve a specific group of people in the name of Jesus.

We will grow the network of leaders of these missional communities in number and maturity by nurturing them in regular discipleship groups – as many as 360 leaders in 60 huddles. 

We will support everyone involved in these missional communities through a hub where they will gather for monthly celebrations, and through which they will be resourced and trained.  We will grow four new hubs in the next five years

Community life includes three primary relationships:
‘Up’ – Communion – Getting to know God better
• ‘In’ – Community – Deepening friendships in community
‘Out’ – Commission – Serving Gods world and representing His Kingdom

Communities are lightweight and flexible expressions of church that are focussed on a neighbourhood or a network. They have a clear mission statement and a simple rhythm of up, in and out (see above). They vary in size from 15 – 50, and are expected to multiply as they grow, discipling new leaders with their own vision and calling.

Each community is led by a team of between 5-7 people. Missional community leaders are supported and mentored by leadership team members and through our Learning Community.

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