Communities vision

In practice communities stimulate activity based around relationships. They are ‘communities in communities’ and exist to grow, spiritually, numerically and in influence. Each community enjoy meals all together (quite a feat for some of the larger ones). Other activities usually only involve a smaller section of the community. Communities welcome those who haven’t met Jesus yet and are an accessible way of discovering Christianity in practice.

Community life includes four primary relationships:
Communion – Worship, prayer and bible application.
Community – Discipleship, meals, fellowship & fun
Commission – Evangelism, Social action, events, activities, hospitality
Creation Care – sustainable or ethical projects

Examples of community activities include:
• Prayer triplets/pairs, worship times, bible studies, one-to-ones, meals, coffee together, discussions, dinner parties, weekends away, small groups, prayer walks, barbeques, evangelistic small groups, Alpha course, social action, film nights, social evenings, workshops, photography trips, knitting groups…etc.

Each community is led by a team of about seven people, each of whom commits for 12 months. Community leaders are supported and mentored by Well leadership team members. Download the PDF for further information

See Discipling in Communities for more info