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The ‘Common Purse’

[By Heidi Damon] I was born and raised in a Pentecostal church, giving was not optional, it was a given value of church. I am so grateful for being schooled at a young age in the importance of giving. In fact, the question I have grown to ask is how much money should I keep […]

Roanna Day on the Oikos series

By Roanna Day A strange name, a series of shapes and a room full of new faces.   We didn’t know what to expect with Oikos. The course promised to introduce us to the dialogue of The Well, it was a warm, open invitation to speak up; join in and take part. As with most […]

Children’s team celebrate Passover

The children’s team families had a wonderful time celebrating Passover, reminding us of how the Israelites celebrated their deliverance by God from slavery in Egypt. Parents and kids got stuck in bringing home oven roasted eggs and fruit and nut paste to the table. Each dish has a special significance to the retelling of the […]


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