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1 Corinthians 1 vs. 1-17 Unity in Family

Phil launches our new series on 1 Corinthians with a message that blends personal testimony & storytelling. Drawing on experiences from his recent sabbatical, Phil shares what it looks like to listen intently & engage with those around us as part of a family of sold out lovers of Jesus.

Prayer: Kingdom, Power & Glory Pt.2

In this short and succinct message, Heidi Damon brings our current series on Prayer to a close as she sums up wonderfully. Speaking prophetically, she describes what it looks like to ‘throw caution to the wind’ & be ‘all in’ for God; believing Him for all that He can do. The best is certainly yet to come!

Prayer: Kingdom, Power & Glory Pt.1

Chris shares his reflections on the three realities that conclude the Lord’s prayer. It’s His Kingdom, but His pleasure to give it to us; His Power, but He’s imbued us with it; His Glory, but He’s shared it with us! This doxology connects us to Him for life!

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