Hi there.

We’re now into our third week of the #Prayvember challenge. And it certainly is a challenge – I find it almost impossible to do just about anything on a daily basis (apart from, you know, basic functions). But you know what? Prayer – time communicating with God, our Creator – is a basic function for us human beings. We need it to truly live, to stay spiritually healthy. If we’re not doing it regularly, things can start to back up, build up and… enough with that analogy. You get the point.

Maybe you’re on week 3 and you haven’t even started. I know the feeling – what’s the point in starting now? Well I want to encourage you that there’s only ever a good time to start. Go on. Find 5 minutes today to read some of the TryPraying booklet and open up to God.

Maybe you’re on week 3 and you’ve been praying and you’re seeing that things are changing. Come on! Keep going, trusting God with your prayers, your needs, your hopes and your fears. Come ready to share on Sunday, to encourage the others in our group. Equally if you’re finding things difficult, don’t give up, but come ready to share on Sunday.