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Managing The Gap

Concluding our Summer series of talks, Roanna shares vulnerably as to what it means for her in this season to 'manage the gap' between future fulfilled promises & current reality. Speaking candidly about the priority of thankfulness, bible reading & worship in...

Being Broken

As part of our Summer series of talks, Jonathan shares about his own journey of faith which began with religion that was initially based on rules, but which has brought him to a deeper place of honest relationship with God where having to achieve, perform or prove...

The Secret of Contentment

Alison concludes our series on Philippians by looking at what Paul really meant when he said he could do all things through Christ. This is a concise message that explores what it looks like to thrive in any and every circumstance (he was in prison when he wrote this). If Paul could do it - then so can we ... because with God, nothing is impossible! Are we believing that, & can we experience it in our own lives today? The answer is YES! Focus on God rather than your problems & watch what happens.

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