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The Love Of God

In this message, Phil wisely chooses not to attempt to explain the love of God in 30 minutes! Instead, He brings a thoughtful & coherent message from the heart that reminds us of the supremacy of God's love. Love isn't just one of God's attributes - it's the very...

The Mercy Of God

This is an interactive/conversational message in which Chris & Nicky dig down to find out what we believe about God's mercy. There is input from different members of our congregation, and Chris breaks up the interview style with some observations, summing up &...

The Joy Of The Lord

This is a great message from Phil that really articulates well the truth of God as our loving Father, full of joy! Jesus didn't come to save us from the wrath of an angry God, but to save us from a joyless existence of separation from our Father's love, and to reveal...

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