The purpose of a Learning Community is to support and resource missional leaders and their communities on the journey of missional discipleship. They take place twice a year for a whole Saturday. They are mostly focussed on strategic planning and help to provide accountability and support across a wider cohort as we seek God to help us grow a culture of discipleship and mission. 

Gatherings normally contain some inspirational teaching content, but are mainly workshop, worship and group learning in which communities develop their own plans within a framework of consultation, shared ideas, plus mentoring from experienced community leaders. The Well Learning Community is a fun and effective way to build your vision, bringing challenge and support to you in the process of growing a discipling culture as you lead out in mission and discipleship within your chosen neighbourhood or network.

If you have a sense that God may be calling you to help start or lead a missional community and would like to know more, talk to a community leader or to one of the leadership team.

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