Is The Well your home church? Then we encourage you to commit to investing your time and money here, as God leads you. We believe that Jesus taught that giving should be a way of life for his followers. Of course there are a lot of people and causes who can benefit from our giving, but this is why we believe it’s important to give to our own church community:

Where we give – both our time and our money – shows what we truly value. Giving is a way of reflecting our commitment, and commitment is a challenge for a lot of us in London.

The Well’s main source of income is through giving from our congregation. It means, for example, that we can employ a part-time Children’s worker, and a small number of other people. If we want to see our vision in action, we need some money to do it.

To make a bank transfer:

The Co-operative Bank (08-92-99)
P.O. Box 250, Delf House
Southway, Skelmersdale
Account – The Wells Trust. Account Number – 65134160

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The most efficient way to give is through a regular standing order. Download a standing order form now.

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