There are no photos for this one – we were having too much fun – so readers will have to imagine for themselves the majestic way the Well Youth took the lead in organising and delivering our last Sunday gathering.


First Toby led us in an intense game of rock-paper-scissors-Empires (you play rock-paper-scissors with someone and if you win they group behind you) until the whole church was strung out in a line behind the winner… Toby! This got us all thinking about how from small beginnings the Kingdom of God is able to infectiously spread through communities. Toby assures us he didn’t fix the result…


Together we sang ‘Praise Like Fireworks‘ and let off party poppers! So fun!

Daddy Cool

Finally, we honoured and prayed for our Fathers (and ‘Father figures’). It was a really nice, family time. Well done to all the young people who took to the stage and helped from behind the scenes!