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Throughout the ages, God has always chosen to speak in many & varied ways, with dreams being just one expression of that. The Bible has much to say about dreams, and gives many examples of how God chose to use this medium of communication in His dealings with people, whether they were believers or not. 

In this Bible School, we will be looking at the place of dreams in scripture and seeking to understand their importance, significance and meaning for us today.

We will be considering the broadly different types of dreams we might have, the language of dreams, and their purpose in our lives. We will also be learning how we can cultivate and grow in the realm of dream encounters, and providing a framework for interpreting dreams. This will be an interactive event with opportunities to ask questions along the way.

You are invited to bring any dream in written form for discussion and interpretation if you are happy to share publicly.

For those with a curiosity or desire to grow, this Bible School will serve as a useful introduction to dreaming with God.