Today is my last day as The Well’s ‘Youth and Children’s Work Director’ – but I am not leaving yet. I have been blessed to be in this role for the past year, experiencing the highs and lows of youth and children’s work surrounded by a great team. Ashley and I have made new friends at The Well, served on myriad projects and learned a huge amount. God has been faithful and good – though we have passed through difficult periods He has always been with us.

I’m starting teacher training next week, which is full time. As a result, I can’t continue my employment at The Well. However, although I am leaving my job I aim to remain faithful to my post, and the prompting of Jesus to serve Well Youth. I’ll still be heading up our Youth team in the coming year, but as a volunteer! Longer-term, Ashley and I feel called to serve God’s kingdom in France. We were there this summer serving on two family camps – the skills and maturity I have been growing in during the year at The Well really served to equip me to go deeper spiritually with the young people in our care – a real blessing!

Highlights from the past year have included:

I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone at The Well for having me on board this year, and I look forward to the next with a real excitement about what God is going to do amongst the young people of this family on a mission!