Every summer, many children who qualify for free school meals would go hungry without the intervention of lunch clubs. We as a church serve MUNCH, which is organised and hosted by the Salvation Army in Camberwell. We took the programme for a week, and other churches covered other weeks. For five days, we made sure that over thirty primary school-aged children were well fed with the Good News of Jesus as well as a healthy meal.

Our theme was ‘boxes’ and each day we opened a new one that helped us understand the gospel. In turn, we opened; a jewellery box (we are treasures), a gift box (Jesus is a gift), a dressing up box (drama day!), a first aid box (Jesus died for our sins) and a letterbox (we can pray to God). It was a real privilege to share Jesus’s love with the Munch kids.

A team of almost twenty volunteers helped throughout the week, but I’d like to mention a few people especially. Sidney and Brenda Swann’s energetic and inspired leadership set the tone for the week and their hard work really paid off! Isaac and Ursula’s cooking was amazing! Finally, four young leaders gave up their holidays to come and help. Thank you all so much!