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Philippians 1 vs 1 – 18 Celebrate What God is Doing

Alison launches into Philippians with a look at the lessons from Paul’s life in this letter of joy. During his imprisonment, Paul is still able to confidently attest to God’s faithfulness & ability to come through for him. He models what it looks like to trust in a good God, focus on what God is doing & celebrate others whilst not slipping into jealousy or comparison.

Easter 2019: Resurrection Life

This Easter, Haydon asked the question as to what it looks like to live a resurrection life. Jesus came that we might have an abundant life. He not only died for us, but also as us, so that our resurrection empowered, joy filled lives would be free from sin’s power, all fear & hopelessness. Resurrection life is transformational for all those who embrace it!

The Way of The Cross

Phil provides an overview of what it looks like for us to follow Jesus & go the way of the cross. This is not about discipline & resuscitation; following Jesus is more radical than that – only death & resurrection provides the pathway to freedom & life in all its fullness. Transformation is not an upgrade on our old self … we must be born again!

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