Our young people are our future leaders in the Church – and the future starts now! At the Well we want to raise up our young people into men and women who know and love God, and who are confident in their faith.

Well Youth is overseen by Jonathan Harris (right) and led by a great team. We have a rhythm of fun, food, learning and service, taking part in a mix of social action and various missional adventures. We take a cohort and friends to summer camp each year – normally Soul Survivor – each year. We participate in the wider network of missional communities and have our own program as well.

Our Sunday morning services are occasionally invaded and taken over by youth. This can take place at a moment’s notice.

You have been warned.

Sunday mornings!


1st, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month, we go out half way through the main church meeting to our own program


The Well, Wells Way


We look at the theme of the service in a different way. This generally involves reading the bible, exploring it together and praying for one another. Its also a great chance to catch up with old friends and have fun!


All youth (Years 7-13)

In the week…

We have two fortnightly youth groups launching in January 2018:

Wednesday Nights 6pm-8pm for 11-14s

Sunday Nights 5.30pm-7pm for 14-18s

Our youth are led by an amazing team of volunteers. You can reach them with any questions at youth@thewellcc.org.uk

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Call for volunteers

    Call for volunteers We at the Well are on the look-out for new volunteers to join our children’s and youth ministry to help once a month. We need people “of good reputation, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we may put in charge of this task”. I’m...

Coming to end of #Prayvember: what’s changing?

Hi! Week #4 of our challenge, to pray on a daily basis and to watch/listen out for God as He responds. One more week to give prayer a go. Well at least one more week and we'll stop bugging you about it! Truth is, God is always wanting to communicate with...

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