I studied the poems of Philip Larkin at school and they made a great impression me. Sadly he suffered from depression and his poems reflected this. As a 16 year old I had never come across words so full of hopelessness and I was shocked.

His one poem “Talking in Bed” took me to a deep and saddening revelation. It is a poem about two people, probably married for a long time, lying in bed trying to talk but they are at a “unique distance from isolation”. This couple were lying together but felt wholly alone. I suddenly thought perhaps Larkin was right!   Perhaps no one could ever really know me, really intimately. I would always have my own thoughts which I chose not to disclose. I would always be the one deciding whether I would allow this person to hear my fears and dreams or not. There would always be a barrier because I was an individual always separated from another. I had come under Larkin’s severe reflection of this world.

Five years later I met the Holy Spirit who showed me Jesus who revealed to me Father God. It was such a joy to suddenly realize that Larkin was so wrong. I had now met someone who could know me better than I know myself. He knew my words even before they were on my tongue. He knitted me together in my Mother’s womb. He knew how many hairs I had on my head. How beautifully right and good it all felt. Absolutely like a coming home! He had actually placed my hopes and dreams inside of me. He had an answer for every fear and doubt. And what is more he wanted to make his home inside of me! How perfect was that!

Romans 2:4 says it is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance. Whether you feel lonely or not right now, the truth is you are never alone. When you decide to follow Jesus, his Holy Spirit come and lives in us. And the Holy Spirit is the kindest, most encouraging, strongest most powerful person you will ever meet. Let’s be listening out for his kind voice to drown out the negative and to show us who we are and whose we are!