An Awards Ceremony for Jesus

Last Sunday members of the Well Youth turned our church service into an ‘Oscars’-inspired awards ceremony. It was  complete with good food and fancy clothes (well, Jonathan turned up in a tux and trainers). Of course there were also some awards.

Savie was awarded ‘best testimony-sharer’ and proceeded to share a wonderful testimony about God’s love for her. From a tough group of nominees, Brenda won ‘best puppet-story-teller’ and received a cuddly owl. Maybe we’ll be seeing it in action soon. The prestigious award for ‘most distance covered during a church service’ went to Earn, closely followed by the rest of the family. Finally, Martyn hoisted high the coveted tin of chickpeas prize for ‘most facial hair’, which he graciously offered to share with John. John obviously preferred to boycott the event than witness this shock decision by the judges.

After this nonsense we crowned Jesus KING over his Kingdom, over our lives and our circumstances, our church and our nation. Thank you and well done to all the Youth who served in the band, in the setting-up and setting-down, the hospitality, the welcomes, giving out prizes, leading from the front, and doing the sound/visuals. You guys are AWESOME.

We’ll have to take over again some time.